Yours Poetically


What we do?

We create exclusive, made-to-order poetry for your near and dear ones. We promise we’ll make every occasion special by crafting a beautiful poem that touches the heart, a gift that stands a class apart.

Why personalised poetry?

Personalised poetry goes way beyond ordinary gifts. Garments are worn, worn out and forgotten. Consumables such as perfumes and chocolates are fun until they last. Gold and silver coins have their own value, but the value becomes history after it is initially registered. Besides, what do you give a person who has all these? With personalised poetry you present:

  • A touch of exclusivity because a duplicate does not exist
  • A pleasant and subtle daily reminder of your feelings

We at Yours Poetically not only compose the personalised poem based on the details that you provide, we also set the poem on a beautiful background with the recipient’s photo and print it on a medium of your choice. Here’s a short rhyme that captures the essence of our poetic products:

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or Farewell
For every occasion there’s something special to tell.
You want to convey, you wish to be heard,
But quite elusive is the right sentence and word.
We have the inclination, if you have the time,
We’ll provide inspiration with words that rhyme.
It could be naughty, it will be nice,
You’ll love reading it, not once but twice.
With a message of appreciation or congratulation,
On academic success or final graduation,
On house-warming or office inauguration.
A fine creation that makes “giving” a pleasure,
A souvenir, the recipient will always treasure.

Choose either of our personalised poetry products as per your requirement and budget: