Yours Poetically

How it Works


You wish to present an exclusive gift to someone known to you. You decide to order personalised poetry for the person/s. Here’s how you go about it:

  1. Place your Order - Go to the Order Now page and you will be guided through a step-by-step process:
    1. Fill in your basic details.
    2. Select the appropriate product from our range that suits your requirement and budget. [See our Products page for more].
    3. Customise your order - Choose whether you want your personalised poem:
      1. E-mailed to you
      2. Printed on Canvas / Premium Photographic Paper and Framed
      3. Printed atop a Watch Holder
      4. Printed atop a Jewellery Box
      5. Printed atop a Personal Accessories Organiser.Upload a high resolution photo of the recipient.
    4. Fill in the recipient’s details - Provide us with maximum possible information about the recipient/s that you would like us to consider while writing the personalised poem.
    5. Give us your delivery details – We will deliver the finished product anywhere in India at no extra cost!
    6. Payment – You can make your payment online through our secured payment gateway, or by way of a cheque or demand draft.

  2. The Peronalised Poem: We’ll then compose the poem, e-mail it or read it out to you and invite your suggestions on changes required, if any. We’ll modify it as we deem best and process it further in accordance with your customization.

  3. Delivery: The finished product will then be gift wrapped and delivered at the requested address.