Yours Poetically



A very Happy Birthday to the boss!
Dearest Siddharth,
The man for all seasons, Siddharth is patient and calm,
Befriends the feminine audience with his advice and charm.
Sporting and adventurous, is enthralled by scuba-diving,
Has an allergy for shopping and a disinclination for driving.
Children’s popular “Captain”, treats them like his friends,
Comfortable on their turf, with them he easily blends.
Revels in travels, plans his holidays well in advance,
Plays truant on Saturdays, whenever he gets the chance.
Particular about his diet and its methodology of preparation,
From the strings of classical music, Siddharth derives stimulation.
When the going is tough he’s the warrior who bears the brunt,
Assertive, by nature, he possesses qualities to lead from the front.
* * * * * * * * * *
A leader by birth, you’re our mentor and source of inspiration,
May this year witness the fulfilment of every dream and aspiration.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday-The Team
Dedicated to a teacher by their students:
Thank you Sir!
Blessed with ability to teach, enhanced with uncanny versatility,
You possess the prowess to convert complication into simplicity.
At home on every turf, be it Maths or English, Law or Logic,
To hold your audience in awe, you have the charisma and magic.
Amiable and humble, you respond quickly to any doubt or query,
Pragmatic in your approach, your horizons extend beyond theory.
You make the environment informal, your sense of humour is known,
Putting the students at ease, you provide them with a comfort zone.
With the firm belief that every individual has the potential to rise to glory,
You assist your wards to assimilate their feathers and present their story.
A master of the stage, be it a presentation or dance rendition,
The likes of you are rare, and sculpted in limited edition.
To the man with the ever-positive attitude,
These words of appreciation and gratitude.